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ARRESTED FOR DUI or APC in Oklahoma?

Board Certified Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorney Charles L. Sifers and Oklahoma DUI Lawyer C. Jeffrey Sifers handle Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Impaired (DWI), Actual Physical Control (APC) and all Drunk Driving arrests in Oklahoma, including Oklahoma Department of Public Safety drivers license cases and driver's license cases at DMV and in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Moore, Norman, and Cleveland County, Shawnee, Tecumseh, and Pottawatomie County, El Reno, Yukon, and Canadian County, Edmond, Guthrie, Langston, and Logan County, and Chandler, Meeker, and Lincoln County, Tulsa, Bartlesville, Okmulgee, Jenks and throughout Oklahoma.


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You should contact an Oklahoma DUI Attorney NOW to

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Our goal in defending you is to have the charges against you dismissed, or at the minimum reduced, and your drivers license returned.  We will begin your defense immediately by obtaining ALL records of the case.  We will request ALL audio and video recordings of your arrest from the Police Department.  We will investigate the Police Officer involved.  We will begin preparing your case for trial.  We will investigate the location of your arrest.  Our investigation of your arrest is the best and most thorough available.  Read more on what you can expect to occur.


Oklahoma DUI APC DWI arrests trigger two separate cases:


First:  You will have the Oklahoma DUI criminal case which can involved a variety of criminal punishments imposed on you by the Oklahoma Municipal or Oklahoma District Court.  These DUI punishments include fines, jail, mandatory alcohol education, ignition interlock devices installed on your car, etc.

Second:  Every Oklahoma DUI arrest will likely involve a separate civil action against a person's Oklahoma driver's license.  The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) will attempt to take away your driver's license.


Each of these separate cases must be addressed separately. The BOARD CERTIFIED DUI Law Office of Charles Sifers & Jeff Sifers is an excellent Oklahoma DUI defense lawyer office and know how to protect your rights and freedom in ALL areas of your Oklahoma DUI.


Charles L. Sifers a Former Regent of the National College for DUI Defense was elected to the Board Of Regents of the National College for DUI Defense in 2001 and served until 2005.  During his tenure with NCDD rare DUI Defense knowledge was gained by him from many top DUI Defense attorneys throughout the United States.  Mr. Sifers is a Board Member of the Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.  Charles Sifers is a frequently requested speaker at the Oklahoma Bar Association on Oklahoma DUI Law.  A few of his  qualifications and certifications are: 

Board Certified

in DUI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense under American Bar Association Specialization Guidelines

State Certified Operator/Maintenance Specialist Intoxilyzer 5000-D Certified Trainer/Administrator Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST)


Robert F. Borkenstein  Course on Alcohol, Drugs, & Highway Safety Testing Research & Litigation


Complete Blood/Urine Training Course. Tahoe, Nevada, 1998


Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Training


Oklahoma Bar Association


Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Board of Directors Member

Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association


Eight (8) Intoxilyzer 5000-D Breath Machines

...more than any other known Oklahoma DUI Law Office

Multi- time Graduate/Instructor "Mastering Scientific Evidence",

Atlanta, Georgia & Dallas, Texas

Member / Graduate  /  Instructor

Retired Regent & Multi-time Graduate & Instructor- NCDD's Annual DUI Trial  College held at Harvard Law School


C. Jeffrey Sifers, Oklahoma DUI Lawyer, long before attending Oklahoma City University of Law where he received a Cali award, Jeff Sifers attended training seminars on such topics as Standardized Field Sobriety Testing; Intoxilyzer 5000-D Breath Testing Machines; and, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).  He excelled in these areas to become a certified instructor/trainer on many of these topics.  Jeff Sifers has lectured on DUI Defense for the Oklahoma Bar Association and for the Municipal Judges Conferences.  He has instructed many Oklahoma attorneys on Oklahoma DUI Defense.  A few of his qualifications/certifications are: 


National College for DUI Defense

State Certified Operator/Maintenance Specialist  Intoxilyzer 5000-D Certified Trainer/Administrator Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST)


Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Training


Eight (8) Intoxilyzer 5000-D Breath Machines

...more than any other known Oklahoma DUI Law Office


"Mastering Scientific Evidence",

Dallas, Texas


Graduate of NCDD's Annual DUI Trial  College held at Harvard Law School

Member / Instructor

Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Member / Instructor

Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association



Criminal Court Case - Oklahoma has 3 basic alcohol related offenses:


 DUI - is charged against drivers - you -  when you are stopped while driving and are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs OR you have a breath blood test result of BAC or higher, OR if you REFUSE the test. Punishment upon WHERE the case is filed. It can range from a fine only in some of the Municipal Courts of smaller cities or towns. In the Oklahoma City OR Tulsa Municipal Court(s), the fine can be up to $1,200.00 and/or jail up to six (6) months. In the District Court(s) of Oklahoma, the fine can be up to $1,000 and the jail sentence can be up to one (1) year. And, if the breath/blood test is .15% BAC or higher , a charge called "AGGRAVATED DUI" can be filed against you! Upon a conviction, you can face all these same penalties, but you will ALSO be required to be supervised for one (1) year with periodic testing (i.e., urinalysis, etc.), 480 hours of community service, and install a interlock on all vehicles. This can happen EVEN for a first offense!! Persons with prior convictions of DUI or APC can face fines up to $5,000.00 & jail sentences up to ten (10) years. They, also can face the same mandatory requirements of the interlock, in-patient treatment/aftercare, community service, and EVEN forfeiture of their vehicles Click Here for Punishments for DUI / APCREAD MORE on successful handling of DUI Cases by Sifers & Sifers.


 APC - is charged against you when you are in a vehicle and under the influence, like in DUI. Breath or blood test are requested of the person who is arrested for this charge, just like in a DUI. However, in these cases, you are NOT driving, but parked or sitting still on a street or parking lot but, COULD drive if you wanted to do so. This crime is, effectively, the SAME THING as DUI!! It carries ALL OF THE same punishments and driverís license problems as a DUI!  Read a note of success that Sifers & Sifers has had on these types of cases.

A cruel "twist" about DUI or APC is that, if convicted of these charges, your driver's license is revoked for the SAME periods of time at indicated below. In other words, if you "save" your license through the hearing referenced below, being convicted of either of these crimes will "wash away" that victory and you will be revoked ANYWAY!!!

DWI - This crime is Driving While Impaired, NOT Driving While Intoxicated. This is charged against the driver who has an alcohol level of greater than .05% but less that .08% BAC, and carries lesser punishments in most courts than DUI/APC. The punishments are generally about one-half that of DUI or APC. License revocation DOES NOT occur with a test result of below .08% BAC. Therefore, an arrest for DWI will NOT trigger the license problems of a DUI or APC. However, DWI can revoke your license, though, for thirty (30) days BUT ONLY if you are is convicted of the charge.


Read "Notes of Success", a few listings of the successful outcomes of cases handled by Sifers & Sifers.

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Driver's License Case


The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will take YOUR license from YOU for a six (6) month to three (3) year period of time (depending on your prior record) for failing the test with a score of .08% OR higher BAC (breath/blood alcohol concentration), OR .02% BAC or more if you are under 21 years old. YOU will also lose your license for REFUSING to take the test, too, just like you have "failed" it.  In addition, if you have a CDL and refuse a test, you will be disqualified for one (1) year, no matter WHAT vehicle you are driving at arrest.  Any driving you do during the time YOUR license is revoked, can result in additional criminal charges AND additional periods of license revocation! Also, the Attorneys for the DPS of Oklahoma have already began the DRIVERíS LICENSE CASE against YOU before most Criminal Court appearances even begin!

A driverís license is usually the only picture identification people carry that allows them to cash checks or get on an airplane, etc. An arrest for DUI or APC WILL cause YOU to lose YOUR Driverís License. Most times, this loss will cause greater overall harm in life than paying any fine or court cost.  READ MORE ON THE SUCCESSFUL HANDLING BY SIFERS & SIFERS OF DPS CASES.

How can you stop this license revocation?

A hearing must be requested from the DPS within 15 days of your arrest. The hearing must then be WON to avoid the loss of YOUR driverís license. If you do not request, or have your Attorney request the hearing, the revocation of YOUR license will go into effect thirty (30) days after your arrest. If your case is not addressed in this manner, and within this 15 day period, there is NOTHING that can be done to avoid the loss of YOUR driverís license!

If your license is revoked for this arrest, your driving record will show it, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN COURT. In other words, even if your criminal case is later DISMISSED against you OR if your are found NOT GUILTY, your license is revoked and it is still on your record! This will have the same effect on insurance rates and, possibly upon employment, as though you had been convicted of the crime in court.

REMEMBER: Any alcohol related entry that goes onto your driving record is NEVER removed! It is a myth that your driving record is "erased" after some period of time. Entries that are more than three (3) years old are not printed off on the driving record that you might get from the DPS or a tag agency. However, those older records are STILL there for Police and most government agencies to see!

This Hearing Request has nothing to do with the court date..

While it may be possible to obtain a work permit in certain circumstances, it is critical to contact an experienced Oklahoma DUI defense attorney at once to protect your rights.

If youíve been accused of Oklahoma DUI, it is imperative that you contact an Oklahoma drunk driving defense lawyer at once.


Work Permits

You really DO NOT want one. They are expensive and quite a "hassle".  Work Permits are only granted to first time offenders, or persons that have their licenses revoked for a six (6) month period. Persons with revocations of one (1) year (the second time it has happened within the last five (5) years) - ten (10) years after November 1, 2007) OR three (3) year revocations (the third or more times it has happened within the last five (5) years) - ten (10) years after November 1, 2007) CANNOT, BY LAW, HAVE A WORK PERMIT, AT ALL!! Also to qualify for the permit you must pay a $150 fee and, believe it or not, you must install an "interlock" (breath test machine) - which you must blow into and "pass" before the ignition will work - on any car you drive! This machine will cost about $500 for a six (6) month period.  If you have a Commercial Driver's License - CDL - (Class A, B, or C), you should know that "Work Permits" can NO LONGER be obtained for ANYTHING but Class D licenses.  In other words, you CAN NOT obtain a "work permit" for a CDL!   Plus, the revocation, along with the fact that you got a "work permit" during that time, will still be on your record ... FOREVER!

If you are interested in obtaining a Work Permit drivers license, please contact our office.

Crimes and Punishments


Misdemeanor DUI or APC 1st time Felony DUI or APC
Jail Time 10 days to 1 year Jail Time 1 to 5 years
Fine Up to $1,000.00 Fine Up to $2,500.00
Probation Fees $20.00 monthly Probation Fees $40.00 monthly
Court Costs $750.00 (estimate) Court Costs $750.00(estimate)
Other Fees $400.00 (estimate) Other Fees $400.00(estimate)


  • A One (1) year probation period;

  • Periodic testing during this probationary period;

  • The completion of 480 hours of community service; and,

  • The installation of an ignition interlock on the personís car for no less than 30 days. Remember: these punishments are in ADDITION to the jail and fines that the regular charge carries!

If this happens

to YOU


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A conviction for DUI or APC will likely affect your employment, your insurance, your family, driver's license, and YOU, FOREVER!

Don't trust your life to just any lawyer, hire a lawyer that is experienced in handling Oklahoma DUI cases.


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